The Storm will Blow Over

We woke up to a very stormy and incredibly windy day so we decided to forego the walk we would have done today and get a lift to our next lodging. But before leaving Dunquin we walked to the Blasket Island Centre. We read about the history of the islands and its peoples.

It will blow over... 

It will blow over... 

After the Blasket Centre we walked to a local pottery store where we saw locals making plates, piggy banks and lamps. It was a beautiful shop with high quality products so we did a bit of souvenir shopping. For the record, the storm was really heavy during this period and two cars with locals stopped and offered us a ride. If locals offered us a ride that should tell you how bad the storm was.

Our ride came and brought us to Ballydavid which will be our home for the next two nights. We prescheduled a mid trip day of rest here. Straight to TP's pub we went for and Irish coffee and a Dingle Gin and tonic and some lunch.

Our lodging in Ballydavid is called "Imeall na Mara" owned by Philomena and Sean. The former's parents lived on this property and after they passed they tore down the house and built a B&B. The location is very picturesque. Imagine the lodging being on the right side of a lopsided U and the ocean fills the hollow of the U.

You had to see it to believe it but the storm actually blew over by about 4 pm much to my excitement because it looked like I might finally get to use the big camera.

It is much colder here than it has been so we bundled up and at the beginning of soft light, around 6:30 pm we took a short walk to the sea. Finally Kimmie T in her element! It felt so good to be shooting again.

Photo credit: Amy Maruska

Photo credit: Amy Maruska

Some middle school kids walking on the beach asked us what we were doing. We told them photography and they heard our "accents" and immediately they said "are you from around here? We told them we were from Hollywood to see how they would react. They smiled wide eyed and we exchanged names.

  • Me - "What is your name?"
  • Boy - "Sean, what is your name?"
  • Me - "Kim"
  • Boy - "Like Kim Kardashian!"
  • Me - "But my butt isn't as big as hers."

Amy and I ran around for the next 2 hours like kids trying to find the best vantage for the sunset. We ended up on a grassy path with sheer cliff drop offs overlooking the sea. Experiencing the sea in this element feels authentic and raw. It honestly was one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen.

Photo credit: Amy Maruska  

Photo credit: Amy Maruska  

Close to 9 pm now we closed the night with another drink at TP's and had a spirited conversation with some locals.



  1. Miles: 5
  2. Steps: 12,000
  3. Floors climbed: 34
  4. Raindrops: Bazillion
  5. Number of hikers we saw: 0
  6. Number of sheep and cattle:  handful
  7. Irish school kids: 5