Time to go Big and Small

It has been a busy few days in Dubai. My sense of time is still really horrible because while I'm trying to keep track of my days here, I also try to remember the day and time it is at home. It's just 12 hours. It should be easy but it plays games with your head.

As a follow up to our landscape photo shoot, we had a post processing class where we learned some good techniques for optimizing photos in Lightroom and Photoshop. I have a lot to learn in that realm, but this type of knowledge doesn't come overnight. It's a long haul sort of commitment. Still reeling from jet lag, we decided to stay in for the night. 

Another cool night shot of Dubai

Monday night we all had tickets to go to the observation deck of the Burj Khalifa. We took the metro to the Dubai Mall which has an entry to the "At the Top" Experience at the Burj. Just like "magic", the mall is designed to keep you in and not let you out. You were hard pressed to find an exit in that place. So in one fell swoop, we experienced the largest mall (with an aquarium), the tallest building and the fastest elevator in the WORLD. We spent about about an hour on the 124th and 125th floors.


The weather, due to cloud cover...sadly made the entire city look like a big blob of drab beige so there were very little picture opportunities...except for Little Lego Kimmie T., Lego Dude Mark and introducing Lego Dude Ian who is making his debut on this trip.

Mark on Top of the Burj

For scale and fun, when we were standing on the 125th floor, we took a picture through the glass of Mark standing on the 124th floor. He is in the blue plaid shirt and baseball cap, clearly trying to look inconspicuous. ;-)

Today, Tuesday, we did an outing with Zack Arias to do "street photography". Most of you know that I primarily like landscape or night photography but part of the reason I came to Gulf Photo Plus was to get out of my comfort zone and try new things and street photography was a way to do that. It was a really special experience and I will tell you all more about that tomorrow for me, but later today for you...See? Time warp.