A New Adventure...Dubai Bound

A year ago, my good friend Mark and I were talking about photography, something we frequently do since it is a passion we share. And he casually said, "You should come to Dubai with me to attend Gulf Photo Plus." I pondered, considered and discussed with Amy and decided to take the plunge and do it. It's hard to believe today is the day of my departure on the 4th longest commercial flight in the world from Los Angeles to Dubai, non stop.

Flight Pattern LAX to DXB

For the next week, as an attendee of Gulf Photo Plus 2017, I will be doing a LOT of photography. The goal is to do the type of photography I love like landscape and night photography in a city with incredible architecture, but to also get out of the comfort zone and try some new things. 

I will be attending with my very good and long time friend Mark Weisenberger and my new friend Ian Siso, both amazing photographers.

Aside from all the photography, I'm looking forward to learning about the culture, eating wonderful food and letting the adventure take its course.

 Some of you who followed my blog in the past know that I like publishing stats. So here we go...

  • Emirates Airlines Flight 215: 4th longest commercial flight in the world - 13,420 miles
  • Flight Time: 16h
  • Plane: Airbus A380-800 - Double Deck, Wide Body, 5920 feet of usable floor space
  • Cost of a first class ticket that comes equipped with your own suite - $50,000
  • Number of passengers: practically empty
  • Local currency: Dirham - Current Exchange rate: $1 = 3.67
  • Cameras: Two
  • Lenses: Five
  • Camera Accessories: Too many to count
  • Attitude: Excited!

Little Lego Kimmie T and Lego Dude Mark