Oporto here we come!

It's time to dust off the old travel blog and we have a great trip to do it. We have taken several trips in the month of September and it seems to bring us good travel karma. A year ago this month we were walking the hills of Ireland and on Thursday we embark to Europe again, this time to Portugal. 

From left: Little Lego Kimmie T, Amy 1.0, Amy 1.5, Paula

From left: Little Lego Kimmie T, Amy 1.0, Amy 1.5, Paula

We have a wonderful reason for traveling to Portugal which is to celebrate our dear friend Paula's 50th birthday. As if that wasn't special enough, Paula is from the town of Porto in northern Portugal and she will be our very personal tour guide into the sites, sounds and tastes of her country she so loves. Her family and friends will open their homes to have us as their guests and we get to experience this country through the eyes and hearts of those that know and love it. 


Our stay is concentrated in the northern part of the country and we will stay near Porto in Ponte de Lima and Vila Nova de Gaia. 

We are looking forward to exploring this country with our friends Amy and Paula and having a weeklong celebration filled with many adventures.